PRET has many years of experience in the safety performance of auto interior. Our modified plastics used in Ford - C3322T - M14 has high-end performance. Seamless airbag dashboard made of this material can eject in high, normal or low temperature without fragments. It’s covering plate edge stays neatly, without causing secondary damage.

Environmental Protection

In terms of reducing the in-car smell of modified plastics, PRET is devoted to researching and studying this for a number of years. PRET’s low-smell and low-emission products have been widely used in various brands of OEM’s, such as Volkswagen, BMW, Ford, and the Great Wall. Since China launched The Air Quality in the Passenger Car Evaluation Guide in 2012, limiting the amounts of VOC emission in the in-car air, PRET has developed a series of auto interior materials with low VOC emission which have already been used by many manufacturers.

Generally, many modified plastics only can meet the requirements of matte and weather resistance with spray paint. However PRET’s low-gloss and free – spraying materials, such as ABS and PC/ABS have been widely used in car interior.

Energy Conservation

Steel to plastic is the future mainstream of the automotive industry, LFT can be one of the best materials. LFT injection parts are superior to metals. PRET has many years of research and experience in LFT. PRET's LFT materials not only have quality mechanical properties, but its consistent performance is also very prominent. This kind of material can meet BMW, Volkswagen, Ford and other OEMs’ strict performance and environmental requirements.