We are delighted that several of our customers have visited our Johnsonville operations, to see for themselves how we provide the consistent quality of our EcoLon® products. The response has been consistently enthusiastic and positive. We recently received feedback from Matt Heidecker, a PHD and Lead Polymer Engineer at Emerson Corporation. We thought his insightful observations would be of interest to other customers, so we asked him if we could share them. Here are his observations:

When first considering the Wellman product lines for given applications, the primary concern was the potential issues of repeatability and reproducibility of the compounds of interest. However, upon visiting the facility, not only was the concern over potential batch related issues quelled, but also any potential stigma associated with 100% recycled post-consumer material was mitigated. Through their continual mixing and corresponding quality control checks from the recovery operation all the way through final compounding, Wellman is capable of producing a product that is stable from a mechanical and physical property standpoint from not only lot-to-lot but also bag-to-bag. This technology coupled with the ISO 17025 lab certification provides the level of assurance requisite to pursue the environmentally friendly, and economically favorable materials offered by Wellman
—Matthew Heidecker, Ph.D.

We appreciate Matt taking the time to visit our operations and subsequently share his observations. Please let us know if you would like to visit our plant. We would look forward to letting you see, first hand, our proprietary manufacturing operations which can provide you with both consistent quality and costs that are not tied to the volatile and rising cost of oil. Contact us so we can work with you to help create your own EcoLon® Success Story.