We wanted to share with you the result of a recent test we conducted on material supplied by one of our custom molder customers. Below is the spec that he thought he was buying. Next to it is the results from our certified lab. As you will see, the difference is dramatic, something that our customer suspected, due to molding problems he was having. But since he did not have his own lab facilities, he asked for our help. We were delighted to do so, and not surprisingly, we gained another customer in the process.

These shoddy practices by several companies in our industry are simply wrong, and have tended to give post consumer resins a bad name. While "Brand X" companies eventually go out of business, there is a lot of pain in the process. That is why we are building the EcoLon® brand, so companies know that they can trust materials that come from our proprietary manufacturing processes, (schematic attached) which were specifically set up to provide the kind of consistent quality that our customers demand, particularly our automotive customers. The recent Dana press release is just the latest example of the benefit we and our customers realize by moving in this direction. (go to www.dana.com) Don't believe us??? Then take us up on our standing offer to visit our 600 acre campus in Johnsonville South Carolina. See the 2million square feet under roof. See our state of the art lab. Meet our manufacturing and customer service folks in person. And given that it is getting a bit colder, enjoy some warm, Southern hospitality... If you would like, send some of the "Brand X" material that you have concerns about. We are happy to do the testing and eager to create another EcoLon® Customer Success Story.

We would be more than happy to hear from you and discuss how our EcoLon® products can be incorporated into your current or future product lines. Please give us a call today at 1-800-821-6022.