We are excited to report that interest in EcoLon® GF1974 has really accelerated. You may remember that EcoLon® GF1974 is our first glass filled Post Consumer Nylon product, a 33% Glass Fiber Nylon 6, that went in to production last year in an air intake manifold for the aftermarket. We are speaking with several Tier 1 suppliers who have expressed interest in EcoLon® GF1974 for their air intake manifold applications. We have also seen Tier 1 interest for other automotive applications as well as growing interest outside of the automotive market, particularly in furniture applications.

We believe interest will continue to grow, driven by:

  • Continued increases in oil and consequently nylon prices
  • Growing interest in EcoLon® among OEMs, particularly automotive companies
  • Competitive pressures that drive cost reduction, and consequent interest in better alternatives
  • Global market interest / concern regarding the environment
  • Ever increasing familiar with our consistent product quality, and customer visits to our Johnsonville plant

EcoLon® GF1974 is hardly our only product. But it is proving to be popular. Attached you will find the data sheet. In addition, you will also find a quick reference guide for our various EcoLon® products. Tired of continued price increases? If you are willing to commit to incremental volume, we are ready to commit to price stability. Interested in cost reduction and consistent quality, while improving the environment and reducing demand on foreign oil? We have plenty of capacity and are more than willing to work with you in creating another EcoLon® Success Story.

EcoLon® GF1974 Spec Sheet