Recently we have been getting a lot of inquiries from customer’s who are concerned about having an adequate source of supply of resin, particularly nylon 66. Production interruptions and continued price increases have fueled this.

In contrast, we have no capacity problem with our EcoLon® products, which have been successful in broad array of industries and applications, meeting our customer’s cost and quality requirements, including the rigorous requirements of the automotive industry. Attached is an aerial view of our 600 acre Johnsonville operation, with over 2million square feet under roof, along with a schematic of our internal operations. This is where we transform post consumer carpet into consistent quality EcoLon® products. Recognizing that the vast majority of consumer carpet ends up in landfills, we have no problem with capacity of our EcoLon® feedstock.

Have you been facing supply problems and/or continued price increases? If so, it might be timely for us to have a conversation about how we help you address this in a sustainable way, taking advantage of our core strength. We look forward to hearing from you and the prospect of creating another EcoLon® success story with you.