EcoLon® products are well known for many mineral glass applications, like fans and shrouds, engine covers and more recently cam covers. As a result of refinements in our manufacturing processes, we can now provide glass filled nylon resins that enable customers to realize further cost, quality and environmental benefits. A good example in glass filled nylon 6 resin is our EcoLon® GF1974, designed for a variety of applications, including air intake manifolds. Production of the first air intake manifold using our resin began last year.

Another example is our EcoLon® GF1985-HRBK, which is a glass filled 66 nylon that has the additional benefit of being glycol resistant. Our test have shown that EcoLon® GF1985-HRBK is not only more cost effective than the virgin based product that we have provided for years; in key properties, like weld line strength, it is actually superior to the virgin product.

If you have glass filled nylon needs, and are looking for a supplier that can provide consistent quality, cost and environmental benefits, please get in touch. We are eager to work with you to capitalize on the advances in our manufacturing technologies and consequently develop another EcoLon® Success Story.